# How to Restore Wallet Using Komodo Mobile Wallet

  • Start Komodo Mobile Wallet app

  • Click "RESTORE" button

  • Give a memorable name to your wallet and press "LET'S GET SET UP!"
  • Select "Allow custom seed" and paste or type your seed words

Make sure to include spaces in your seed, just as before.

If you would like to see what you are typing, click on the eye icon on the right to make the field visible.

  • Once ready, press the "CONFIRM" button
  • Create a password to encrypt your seed

Make sure to use strong password with a combination of at least one capital letter, one small letter, a symbol, and numbers.


If normal encryption takes longer on your phone, enable "Fast encryption" and try again.

  • Create a PIN

In the next two steps you will be asked to provide a custom six digit PIN. You will need this PIN every time you want to access Komodo Mobile Wallet.

Upon completion, Komodo Mobile Wallet returns you to the dashboard.