# How to Create a New Wallet Using Komodo Mobile Wallet

  • Start Komodo Mobile Wallet app

  • Select "CREATE A WALLET" button

  • Enter a memorable name to your wallet and press "LET'S GET SET UP!"
  • Write down your 12 words seed phrase and store in a safe place, then press "NEXT"
  • Confirm 3 random words in the next 3 steps from your seed list and press "CONTINUE"
  • Create a password to encrypt your seed

Make sure to use a strong password with a combination of at least one capital letter, one small letter, a symbol, and numbers.


If normal encryption takes longer on your phone, enable "Fast encryption" and try again.

  • Create a PIN

In the next two steps you will be asked to provide a custom six digit PIN. You will need this PIN every time you want to access Komodo Mobile Wallet.

Upon completion, Komodo Mobile Wallet returns you to the dashboard.