# set_requires_notarization

set_requires_notarization coin requires_notarization

The set_requires_notarization method indicates whether Komodo DeFi Framework must wait for a dPoW notarization of the given atomic swap transactions.


This setting is not persistent. The value must be reset in the coins file on restart.

# Arguments

Structure Type Description
coin string the ticker of the selected coin
requires_notarization bool whether the node should wait for dPoW notarization of atomic swap transactions

# Response

Structure Type Description
result.coin string the coin selected in the request
result.requires_notarization bool whether the node must wait for a dPoW notarization of the atomic swap transactions

# 📌 Examples

# Command

curl --url "" --data "{\"userpass\":\"$userpass\",\"method\":\"set_requires_notarization\",\"coin\":\"RICK\",\"requires_notarization\":true}"