# convert_utxo_address

convert_utxo_address address to_coin

The convert_utxo_address method takes a UTXO address as input, and returns the equivalent address for another UTXO coin (e.g. from BTC address to RVN address)

# Arguments

Structure Type Description
address string Input UTXO address
to_coin string Input address to convert from

# Response

Structure Type Description
result string Converted address

# 📌 Examples

# Command

curl --url "" --data "{
        \"userpass\": \"${userpass}\",
        \"method\": \"convert_utxo_address\",
        \"coin\": \"BTC\",
        \"address\": \"1DmFp16U73RrVZtYUbo2Ectt8mAnYScpqM\",
        \"to_coin\": \"RVN\"}"