# get_current_mtp

The get_current_mtp method returns the Median Time Past (MTP) from electrum servers for UTXO coins. This information is useful for debugging, specifically in cases where an electrum server has been misconfigured.

# Arguments

Parameter Type Description
coin string A compatible (UTXO) coin's ticker
id integer Optional. Identifies a request to allow matching it with a response. Defaults to null

# Response

Parameter Type Description
mtp integer Unix timestamp
id integer Identifies a response to allow matching it with a request. Defaults to null if id not provided in request

# 📌 Examples

# Command

curl --url "" --data "{
    \"method\": \"get_current_mtp\",
    \"userpass\": \"USERPASS\",
    \"mmrpc\": \"2.0\",
    \"id\": 42,
    \"params\": {
        \"coin\": \"RICK\"