Introduction to AtomicDEX

Welcome to the AtomicDEX technical documentation.

About the AtomicDEX Section

This documentation is intended for developers utilizing the AtomicDEX API.

Users who are not interested in development-related activities, but are searching for documentation assistance, can find support in the Komodo Support Center.

Link to Komodo Support Center

Conceptual Overview

The AtomicDEX Tutorials section contains a more thorough conceptual explanation of AtomicDEX.

About AtomicDEX Setup

The AtomicDEX Setup section contains basic information about setting up and using an AtomicDEX-enabled environment.

About AtomicDEX Tutorials

The AtomicDEX Tutorials section contains various tutorials that provide instruction for AtomicDEX usage and creation.

About AtomicDEX API

The AtomicDEX API section contains all available API commands.

These API commands can also be called Remote Procedure Calls, or RPCs.